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DealPad Ad-Free - HotUKDeals

Author:Ben Callis
Updated:2015-08-08 18:41:17
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Find the UK's greatest deals directly from your Android tablet or smartphone.
DealPad allows you to access all the great bargains from the HotUKDeals website, directly on your favourite Android device.

This is the Ad-Free version. An ad supported version is also available, free of charge.

Currently on sale to promote the launch of DealPad for Android 2.2+

Features Include:
- View and sort deals with ease.
- Switch between deal, freebies and vouchers with one simple click.
- Search for any deals contained in the vast HotUKDeals database.
- Beautiful interface on both Tablets and Phones.
- Receive notifications of deals which match your requirements (via WatchList).
- Bookmark deals for offline viewing.
- Share deals directly from within the application vis SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
- View deal comments.
- Top 10 deal widget.

I would love to hear what you think of DealPad.
If you would like extra functionality to be added or are experiencing any problems please email me.