Deep Meditation Sitar Music

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Deep Meditation Sitar Music

Author:Leigh Spusta
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 14:18:54
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Sitar Dreams of Bliss

Move into a meditative trance like a yogi with this Indian-themed relaxation soundscape.

Created by internationally recognized brainwave audio expert Leigh Spusta and Powered by
PsimatiX™ Brainwave Audio Technology

Allow yourself to be gently guided by the divinely inspirational flavors of the sitar and ambient sounds as you move into deeper and deeper relaxation and begin to experience an enhanced awareness of being. This track is great to use to create the ideal space during meditation, yoga practice, self-hypnosis, or when you want to take a time out to relax deeply and let your mind wander to distant places. Experience deep alpha with this 30 minute track.

True meditation is a state of deep peace where the mind is absolutely calm and silent, yet completely alert - a state known as thoughtless awareness. Throughout history, mystics, saints and prophets have spoken of this experience. They removed themselves from society, sought ways to cleanse themselves of human troubles and devoted their lives to achieving their spiritual ascent. Their aim was to achieve Self-Realization - a state of being where the human spirit becomes one with the Divine, where fear and anger are replaced with joy, contentment inner balance and peace.

This 30 minute recording will bring you into an altered state of expanded consciousness, so you are advised to not listen while driving. This app streams using 3G or wifi connection. This recording has been produced utilizing the proprietary PsimatiXª audio entrainment methods to create powerful results.

Leigh Spusta is a behavioral scientist, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states. He has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio cds. Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches in creating rich, resonant sound-scapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiXª therapeutic approaches and technologies.

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