Deer Call

Deer Call 2.0

Deer Call

Author:K Solution
Updated:2015-08-08 16:59:03
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Put the most popular and effective deer call sound in your pocket.

10 perfect deer calls right in your pocket.

Each sound was made to be crystal clear. Use it to train your own hunting call or test your skill to bring in deers. You can also set your favorite call to your ringtone. Now added Solunar Weekly rating for best hunting days.
To extend the range, connect the GPhone to an external speaker.

Include Deer Sounds:
.Adult Buck Grunt
.Buck Grunt.
.Buck Snort Wheeze
.Deer Rattling
.Deer Wheeze
.Doe Grunt
.Estrus Bleat
.Fawn Distress
.Fawn Grunt
.Young Buck Grunt

Additional Features:
.Moon phase for any date in weekly view
.Solunar day ratings for any date in weeklu view
.Set the sound as your ringtone

The Solunar day ratings (1 - 6, where 6 deers is when the deers are most active) helps you choose the days that are most likely to be productive.