Delta PP

Delta PP 1.1.7

Delta PP

Author:IADE Dev
Updated:2015-08-08 18:52:41
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Professional Application anesthesia.
Designed for Nurses, Nurse Anesthetists IADE, Anesthetists Doctors resuscitators.
Utility pocket.
Can calculate quickly and easily Delta PP

Application movable to SD card

V 1.0.2 Adding the formula Delta PP
V 1.0.4 Adding a button to exit the application.
V 1.0.5 Adding a reset button, change display mode pages, page Adding a promotion.
V 1.0.6 Translation of the application in Spanish and English
V 1.0.9 Compatibility formats X Large
V 1.1.0 Improved display
V 1.1.1 Fixed an error value