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Dental Prescriber

Author:William Ha
Updated:2015-08-08 15:49:54
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The Dental Prescriber App for Android is designed to enable and educate dentists to quickly look up the scripts required to manage a patient's oral disease or symptoms.   It has been made after the success of the iPhone version.

The standouts of the application are:
- The examples shown in the app show you what you have to write for all dental conditions. This is different from existing dental literature which which provide you the patient dosing. 
In other words.. 
- The form and concentration of the drug has been included for you
- The number of capsules and tablets have been included in the script 
- Calculations based on weight (handy for paediatric scripts) have been performed for you
- Maximum local anaesthetic dosages have been included
As this application is made by a dentist, for dentists, this app can be expanded to suit the needs of dentists who provide feedback. Furthermore, updates will be released to ensure the application remains up-to-date.

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