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Depression Help Brainwave

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Updated:2011-09-22 00:11:33
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Depression Help Brainwave

Hope is the single greatest asset we have when combating depression and despair. Think about the last time you were truly happy. Was it something in your environment that specifically controlled your emotions and made you happy? Or was it something you were able to simply let flow freely?

Many people simply let happiness flow freely from their minds all the time, enveloping them like a warm blanket of positive emotions. If you suffer from constant negative emotions this is changeable. You shouldn’t be feeling negative feelings by default. Some people feel negatively even when they are surrounded by good friends and circumstances they should be happy about. But they simply aren’t happy.

And this outlook can affect others in your life. Nothing is more depressing than seeing others hurt by your constant cloudy disposition. It’s like a cage your mind is in, or a cave you are peering out of onto the sunny lives of others. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You have the power to clear away the clouds and feel positive again. Don’t let sadness and apprehension ruin your life. It can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Hope is always there on your side. And the mind is a wellspring of hope.

Some of us are just so used to being sad that we don’t know how to live any other way. But deep down we all want to be happy. Deep down we all have that little light of hope that we want to use to send the darkness fleeing. And deep down we all know every single human being on this Earth deserves it.

** How Can This App Help?

Our Depression Help Brainwave uses two specific Frequencies. The first is a Delta Frequency which gives a feeling of unity and helps depression. The second part is a Mid Theta tone that also helps depression and insomnia. Alone each tone is a powerful addition to our arsenal when combating depression. But as we discovered, when put together they are a powerful one two knockout to scatter depression and fill the body with a renewed sense of drive, and renewed hope.

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