Dew Point Quick Reference

Dew Point Quick Reference 2.0

Dew Point Quick Reference

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 21:41:43
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Dew Point Quick Reference For Infrared Inspections

A very simple dew point reference table for anyone performing infra-red inspections/infrared thermography.

*Please Note* Tap on the top right for the calculator function in degrees Celsius.

When performing inspections with a FLIR, Fluke or other infrared camera (or basic infrared thermometer) it is important for the thermographer to be aware of the current dew point but this data is not always readily available. Simply get your ambient temp and humidity; you now have an accurate dew point for your imaging.

Anyone performing roof inspections has probably run across the need for the current dew point, now you can have it on your Android device any time you need. No internet connection or typing is required. With one click you have the quick reference chart without fumbling around trying to input the values with your keypad.

Take your inspections to the next level of professionalism with your attention to detail.