Dharma Timer Counter

Dharma Timer Counter 2.1.1

Dharma Timer Counter

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 20:16:34
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Dharma Timer Counter is a simple, small (just 200KB, compared to several MB of other similar apps) and intuitive timer/counter app that is suitable for measuring time in timed activities. It rings a beautiful bell at every specified interval for the specified number of times. I developed this app mainly for my 108 bows buddhist practice and meditation. Beautiful belltones are available for download and use directly from the app. Multiple starting/stop bells and starting bell delay are supported. Practice your mind with this app and get closer to attaining more enlightened mind! One can also increase/decrease the number so it can be used as a manual counter app as well.

-- Update history --
v2.0.1 (8/18/2011): Fixed a bug on the incorrect number of starting bells. Sorry and thanks for letting me know this bug.

v2.0: Finally belltone download/selection features added (thanks for your patience), multiple starting/stop bells, starting bell delay. If you have and want to use your own belltone audio file, you can do so by simply copying your audio files to /sdcard/Android/data/com.melcornsoft.dtcfull/belltone.