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Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 15:12:38
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Level 1:
-S2000 12.525 1/4mi
-S2000 18.998 1/2mi
-Supra 12.615 1/4mi
-Mazda RX-8 12.375 1/4mi

Level 2:
-S2000 10.650 1/4mi
-BMW 328is 10.915 1/4mi
-Integra 11.050 1/4mi
-Alfa Romeo GT 17.495 1/2mi

Level 3:
-Skyline 09.965 1/4mi
-Camaro 15.520 1/2mi
-Mustang SVT 10.510 1/4mi
-Porsche 911 16.700 1/2mi
-S2000 15.495 1/2mi

Level 4:
-BMW M3 09.580 1/4mi
-BMW M3 14.390 1/2mi
-Subaru Impreza 09.615 1/4mi
-Porsche 911 14.870 1/2mi

Level 5:
-Lamborghini Gallardo: 09.420 1/4mi
-GT-R R35 9.520 1/4mi
-Evo X: 09.480 1/4mi
-Aston Martin One 09.420 1/4mi
-Aston Martin One 14.035 1/2mi
-Audi RS6 9.505 1/4mi
-BMW M6 9.500 1/4mi
-BMW M6 14.200 1/2mi
-GT-R R35 9.520 1/4mi

Level 6:
-Lamborghini Gallardo: 08.625 1/4mi
-Aston Martin One: 12.885 1/2mi
-Callaway C16 13.520 1/2mi
-Corvette C6 8.960 1/4mi
-Ford GT 13.535 1/2mi
-Brabus 8.935 1/4mi
-Viper 8.730 1/4mi

Level 7:
-Ford RS200 8.450 1/4mi
-Enzo: 8.560
-Gumpert Apollo 8.575 1/4mi
-Audi R8 8.325 1/4mi
-Novitec 12.365 1/2mi
-Aston Martin One 12.430 1/2mi
-Aston Martin One 8.530 1/4mi

Level 8:
-Lamborghini LP670 12.035 1/2mi
-Lamborghini LP670 7.940 1/4mi
-Enzo 12.290 1/2mi
-CM F1 7.890 1/4mi
-CM-F1 11.875 1/2mi
-Zonda: 11.635 1/2mi
-Zonda: 7.899 1/4mi
-Saleen S7 7.955 1/4mi
-Maserati MC12 11.945 1/2mi
-Mercielago 7.900 1/4mi
-Mercielago 11.975 1/2mi
-Audi R8 7.930 1/4mi
-Agera R 7.990 1/4mi

Level 9:
-Ultimate Aero 11.145 1/2mi
-Veyron 11.670 1/2mi
-GT9-R 7.650 1/4mi
-GT9-R 11.390 1/2mi
-Ferrari FXX 7.588 1/4mi

Level 10:
-Hennessey Venom 10.899 1/2mi
-Veyron SS 7.260 1/4mi
-Veyron SS 10.940 1/2mi


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Watch for us on the track! Our vehicles are color coded so you'll know just what we're up to!

Red: New setup, working out the final kinks

White: Already in "Drag Racing Pro Setups"

Blue: In modifying stage. If you see it out, it was an accident!

Gold: Showing off our next setups to be on the app.

Brown: Cars we hate. We may not like them, but if you made a bad purchase, you gotta live with it so we're getting you ratios to help fund your next vehicle build.

By purchasing this app you are hereby giving up your right to lose a race and joining the select few who can and will dominate the competition.

Hours went into creating each setup and once you use them you'll understand why! You'll climb up the ProLeague leaderboards and watch your $RP skyrocket! Our aim is to provide you with setups that will grow as you and your cars progress through the game. If your vehicle is capped out, don't worry, it will be obvious what your next purchase will be! Don't get smoked on Androids most addicting racing game, Drag Racing.

We politely ask you to only text the phone number provided. Because calls can come world wide, it makes returning calls questionable due to different time-zones. Feel free to text in suggestions, report bugs/errors, say thanks or just say hi!

Due to the nature of this app, refunds are not acceptable. Please be considerate of others and understand the hours invested into developing and maintaining this application are only to help provide for our families and share with the world our passion for gaming.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding.

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