Draw Your Notes - NO ADS

Draw Your Notes - NO ADS 1.0.3

Draw Your Notes - NO ADS

Author:Akid Soft
Updated:2015-08-08 16:42:08
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This application will help you create notes with reminders quickly and easily! This simple and easy application - just a few moves and a mini memo set! You can choose the date and time reminders. You can select the sound or vibration to your discretion. Are also available, some drawing functions to work with the program was more interesting! In a car or public transport, walking with friends or your favorite pet - make a note in a few seconds without difficulty! This application is for those who does not want to forget.

This APP will not create many trash in your gallery. All information stored in APP's data base. It's a little slow, but does not create garbage in your file system.

Some notes:
- Please press "menu" to see if there are extra options
- Press and hold the item to delete individual item

KeyWords: note, finger paint, color, small, fast, paint, text, reminder, alarm clock, transfer, vibration.