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Dweller - beta

Updated:2015-08-08 12:47:50
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Travel deep into the mountain to seek your revenge and slay the evil Goblin King.

Dweller is a fantasy roguelike/rpg made specifically for handheld devices. Explore randomly created dungeons, labyrinths, crypts, sewers and other dark places. Play three different character classes, each with it's own play style. Fight many kinds of monsters. Discover ancient artifacts.

If you enjoy the game and would like to support development please use the Donation link in the main menu or via the home page www.dwellergame.com

Dweller requires the INTERNET ACCESS permission (since 1.16.0). This is needed to be able to send Save Games for inspection in case of a bug (using the menu option "Send Save game")

If you upgrade from one minor version to another, i.e. from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0 your save game will be lost! An increased minor version denotes a change in the save game format. Changes in micro version (1.6.0 to 1.6.1) does not delete your save game.

If you come across a bug please report it to bugs@dwellergame.com. If possible, use the in-game menu option to "Send save game" to make bug hunting easier.

2013-01-20 v.1.23.2
#627 Change from stun effect to piercing effect on crossbows
#626 Monsters should use mana as well when spellcasting
#625 Fix Book of Flames
#624 Show Damage stat on item details screen for melee, missiles and ammo
#623 Change damage resolution algorithm to start at a base value and scale with stats and stat roll
#622 Add Damage stat to weapons (melee and missile)
#621 Monster details view should show if the monster is on fire
#620 Blood should not be drawn on top of bookshelves and cupboards

2013-01-05 v.1.22.16
#618 Standing in water should remove Burning effect
#617 Fire spells should add a Burning effect that does damage over time
#616 Fix problem with Heal and Recharge not working properly in 1.22.15
#615 Fix crash when handing in a quest that doesn't give a reward
#614 Change Slow from -5 Speed stat to 100% increase in time it takes to make a turn
#613 Poison and Slow should wear off after a while
#611 Monsters trading places when trying to reach the player should be based on attack stat, not weight

2013-01-04 v.1.22.15
#609 Fix problem with poisons not ticking properly on monsters
#608 Add Ranger and Wizard rewards for Spider quest
#578 Add support for choosing between multiple quest rewards
#607 Fire spell damage should be a bit more predictable depending on spell, character level and target
#606 Increase chance of Charm breaking
#605 When a Charm spell break or is resisted it should severely aggravate the target
#604 Reduce number of potions sold by the Healer
#603 It should be possible to push and destroy tables
#602 Add Pulpit, Wooden Debris, Cauldron and Cupboard
#601 Add +Mana to Moonstone Pendant
#600 Mana/energy should be shown on character summary screen

2013-01-02 v.1.22.14
#599 Adjust distance penalty for missiles
#594 Nerf starting stats of the Ranger's dog
#593 It should not be possible to use missile weapons at point blank range
#592 Show Mana on item info screen
#591 Add Moonstone Circlet
#590 Add Mana increase to several items
#589 Add Rod of Subduing
#588 Increase drop chance of Wizard's Staff
#587 Mark Animated Armor as undead/lifeless
#586 Make sure creatures wake up if they are pushed aside by larger creatures
#585 Make sure creatures wake up if they are knocked back

2012-12-31 v.1.22.13
#569 Fix issue with quickslot indicator in inventory list not working for all items
#584 Add Elven Quicksilver Blade
#576 Try to clarify what the attack speed % means (ie is 80% better or worse than 120%)
#571 Pathfinding should work across poison if you're poison resistant
#583 Reduce casting time of spells to 100% (same as other actions)
#582 Minotaur's Axe should not be enchantable
#562 Add a way to distinguish named monsters from normal ones
#579 zzZ not present over a sleeping monster