ESV for CadreBible

ESV for CadreBible 1.7

ESV for CadreBible

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 20:56:10
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Study the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The power of God unto salvation!

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ESV for the FREE CadreBible app available on the Android Market.

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® is a word-for-word literal translation of the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek words.

* Includes Book Introductions and Section Headings.

* 80 000 Cross References and 3600 Footnotes accessible in Links Mode.

* Words of Christ in Red or set preferred color.

* View ESV in Parallel with other Bibles and Commentaries in the CadreBible Library.

* Create Your Own ESV Reading Plan.

* No Internet Connection required to read (off-line).


* UPDATED: OFF-LINE Reading Plans or “Create My Own Plan”. Select any installed Bible to read in your Plan and track progress with our off-line color coded calendar. Full access to all features (eg. Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, Links, Parallel…) in Reading Plan.

* Parallel View Bibles & Commentaries. Verse or full Commentary available.

* Search. Sophisticated Search feature including fully functional Chinese search.

* Greek and Hebrew texts (Nestle-Aland, Scrivener, Westcott-Hort, Septuagint & Tanach) with built-in fonts.

* Bookmarks, Notes, Save: Single or Multi-verses. Sort into color coded Categories, fully editable.

* Create Sessions during a Sermon/Bible Study. Add more Notes and Verses to the Session at any time in the future.

* Highlight words, phrases or verses using our full color spectrum.

* Underline words, phrases or verses.

* Share verses via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, E-mail, Print and other.

* Copy selected verses to clipboard for later use.

* Text-To-Speech. Reads Bible text to you as an audio alternative. Set preferred TTS Speed, Pitch and Volume. Install your own TTS app from the Market for different voices and accents. Android 1.6 and above.

* Auto-Scroll. Automatically scrolls Bible text and turns to the next page. Set preferred Auto-Scroll Speed.

* History. Store browsing History for future navigation and set storage limit.

* Backup and Restore (Bookmarks, Notes, Sessions, Highlights, Underlines & Reading Plans) to SD Card or On-line at Allowing access on multiple Android devices.

CadreBible automatically Backs-up to SD Card. This feature can be turned off in Settings.

* Evernote Syncronization. Access your Notes anywhere anytime from your PC.

* Numerous custom Settings including: Font Size, Color of: Font, Background, Links, Verse Numbers, Words of Christ (in books that support Words of Christ in Red). Save your own Color Themes. Auto-rotate Screen, Keep Screen on, Show/Hide Icons, Superscript Verse No’s and others settings available.

* Help. Off-line help available within the application. Visit forums at