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EVP Voices Digital Deluxe

Updated:2015-08-08 19:28:15
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Application for recording EVP (entries metafoniche), with the addition of scanning through EMF sensors. The application uses your phone's sensors to capture substantial differences in the environment. Some parameters change with the approach of entity and one of the ways to communicate with them is Electronic Voice Phenomena. Changing the value of the three parameters in the first screen, and clicking the three buttons will activate the scan.

The application is similar to "Voices of EVP Ghost" but with some differences in graphics and code detection, as opposed to "Voices of EVP Ghost" that scans the three magnetic axes individually (x, y), this application draws from three Cartesian coordinates, only one value. This method reduces the noise and the detection of electromagnetism is more uniforme.E present a scanning real time audio at the center of the meter.

Do not expect to find ghosts everywhere and always if you are in the right place at the right time, the meter will begin to light otherwise it will default to a minimum and the application. During recording, are spoken words or phrases, selected by an internal dictionary. The selection is done thanks to an algorithm that transforms the magnetic values ​​in an index. It 'happened to be spoken words or phrases, scary, terrifying, offensive. If you are a sensitive person not download this application is not made for you!

The words spoken by the device are processed by calculations, and may have been created by changes megnetici sensors are not always attributable to entity.
If you are emotional or not you believe in the paranormal do not download this application and in any case take it as a game ... Know, however, that could not be!

The purchase of this software is free donation to the work of the genius programmer who will use this small amount to pursue this and other projects.

The application may be incompatible with some devices, remember that you have 15 minutes, more than enough to test the application and request their money back.

The application does not use dangerous or harmful instructions, the incompatibility is due to the diversity of hardware devices.
You are currently using the application at your own risk, we are not, nor will we ever be liable for any physical or mental, insomnia, shock, heart attacks and / or any other discomfort caused by misuse of the application, to persons, animals or property (land and extraterrestrials). downloading the application dischiarato you have read this information.

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