Earth At Night 3D Pro Live WP

Earth At Night 3D Pro Live WP 1.0.9

Earth At Night 3D Pro Live WP

Platform:Android 2.0.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 04:51:35
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Earth At Night 3D Pro Live Wallpaper

Unique look to our planet at night from a satellite view.

You can adjust earth rotation speed as well as satellite view position by moving up and down, zooming in and out, align the best position for your home screen with this perfect 3D Live Wallpaper.

With Different theme selection you can see the earth at night like never before from the very best angles and with full HD quality graphics.

Highly Recommended for Tablets

Realistic star field and enable/disable option
4 Earth Light Color Theme selection
Magical Night

Texture Quality can be adjusted

This wallpaper is optimized for regular use.(uses minimum possible power)

***Settings**** can be adjusted in real time from the main application screen.

We do recommend you access the settings via main application icon rather than standard Live wallpaper settings.
By using the main application for adjusting the settings you can see the changes in real time through the transparent background.

HD Textures might work only with high end devices

Please note than this application installed on your SDcard by default.In case you keep the app on installed on your SDcard, after rebooting your phone, live wallpaper will disappear, this is caused by Android initializing your SDcard during the reboot, thus the app is stopped after reboot.To avoid this issue it is possible to move the app to your phone memory.

Super Amoled Screen devices recommended such as Samsung Galaxy S 2 to enjoy the maximum colorful HD graphic quality

Device Tested
-Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.3)
-Htc HD Desire (Android 2.3.3)

Enjoy and do not forget to rate it...

In case you phone can not handle HD graphics and crashes , please email us and we will happily refund your payment, Please do not leave a comment if you want refund.As it is impossible the trace the comment owner and the his purchase.

Rawgear Dev