Electric cad Unidraf Pro

Electric cad Unidraf Pro 1.5

Electric cad Unidraf Pro

Platform:Android 3.0 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 18:52:15
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*** Electrical Design Goes into Mobile Age! ***

* Unidraf Pro is the bilingual Android mobile application of the electrical design CAD Unidraf (Windows) currently most used in the electric industry in the world.
* Unidraf Pro can create and edit an electric drawing, and also can edit the drawing data created by Unidraf for Windows.
* Because Unidraf Pro is supporting Unicode which can express the languages in the world, it can create the electric drawing of all the countries.
* If you manage drawing data on a cloud, because you can access required drawing data from any locations by mobile computing devices, such as a smart phone and a tablet, you will be able to respond to state of emergency immediately.
* If you use Unidraf Pro on mobile computing devices, in arrangement / adjustment / directions / check work etc., paper drawings will become unnecessary, and saving of time and reduction of a mistake will be realized.
* The general symbols and outer frame formats for electric drawings are preinstalled.
* Unidraf Pro can edit the data of Unidraf7 (extension: ZMW) and Unidraf2010 (extension: PDW) for Windows. Old Unidraf data (ZMN, PDN, etc.) can be edited by converting them on Unidraf7 or Unidraf2010.

The Main Functions of Unidraf Pro
* Creation of a symbol and an outer frame format
* Basic drawing commands (Straight line / Box / Circle / Arc / Character / Marking)
* Electric drawing commands (Power line / Connect line / OR) : They can be arranged on a grid.
* Color / Line style / Line width
* Edit functions (Data Selection / ANDO-REDO / deletion / movement / copy / change)

Page Information Setting
* Type : Hard / Soft / Input / Output / Others / Drafting
* Paper size : A4 vertical / A4 width / A3 vertical / A3 width
* Circuit type : Vertical type / Horizontal type
* Line grid : Number / Interval
* Row grid : Number / Interval
* The offset value for circuit grids
* Start address
* Page name / Drafting by / Format name / Symbol name

Support OS : Android 3.1 or more