Electric cad Unidraf Viewer

Electric cad Unidraf Viewer 4.0

Electric cad Unidraf Viewer

Updated:2015-08-08 16:41:05
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Electric CAD-Unidraf most used in the electric industry.

*** Electrical Design Goes into Mobile Age! ***

* Electric CAD-Unidraf most used in the electric industry.

* Unidraf Android viewer is the epoch-making bilingual Android mobile application corresponding to Unicode for Unidraf data.

* All the drawing data created by electric CAD "Unidraf" can be displayed freely Japan and overseas.

* Support OS : Android 2.2 or more

* It is a Unidraf related tool which can access and display drawing data even from where by using mobile environment.

* At a manufacturing site and a maintenance site, it is a very effective method to make a drawing paperless. If Unidraf Android viewer is used, adjustment, directions, and a check of specification will be realized by only one mobile computing devices, without needing a paper drawing, and it will reduce many time and mistakes, and saving of paper will be helpful also for environmental preservation.

* The file formats that can be displayed by Unidraf Android viewer are only the clip files made from Unidraf7 and Unidraf2010 series. The extensions of each file are "ZMW" and "PDW". For this reason, after converting previous version data (ZMN, PDN) into new data (ZMW or PDW), it is necessary to convert it into a clip file. Displays a clip file, after saving on your SD card or downloading from Web or E-mail.

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