Elite HD Theme Launcher Pack

Elite HD Theme Launcher Pack 2.1

Elite HD Theme Launcher Pack

Updated:2015-08-08 16:14:46
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Theme More than 1100 icons all in HD for ADWlauncher or LauncherPro

ADW Theme "Elite HD."
More than 1100 icons and continue to update.

***** HOW TO USE: *****

Search for ADW.LAUNCHER or AnderWeb on Market.
Run ADWLauncher, press Menu->ADWSettings->Themes Preferences.
Select " Elite HD." and Apply
To customize the Drawer, tap the drawer icon:
Select Edit->click on the icon->ADWThemeIcon Packs -> Elite HD.->Choose icon.

*Search Launcher Pro v. 0.8.6 the Androidmarket.
*Run *LauncherPro* click Preferences->Theme Setting->Icon Pack
*Select " Elite HD." and Apply Theme!

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