Enterprise E Tactical Console

Enterprise E Tactical Console 1.7

Enterprise E Tactical Console

Author:Klaus Villaca
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 23:10:02
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Enterprise E - Mini Tactical Console

This application was made to screen that have 800x480 (other dpi's will be available soon)

You can have a small tactical console from Enterprise E, with voice commands (list below), by clicking on buttons.
Move your mobile from monitor facing up, to side and facing down, and you will see the ship changing view.
Can fire phasers and torpedo, go to warp and back to impulse, please note that you can't fire phaser into warp speed, just torpedo.
You will have a status report, and shields.
Easy to play.

Voice commands (Must have Google Voice installed) :
PHASER or PHASERS : Fire phaser
FIRE_EVERYTHING or FIRE_ALL : Fire phaser and quantum torpedo
TORPEDOES or TORPEDO : Fire torpedo
SHIELDS or SHIELDS_UP : Raise shields
WARP : Go to warp speed
IMPULSE : Go to impulse speed
REPORT or STATUS_REPORT : Generate a status report
SHUT_DOWN or QUIT : Exit application

Apart from that you have five wallpapers on menu to set.

I hope that you like and have fun with this application, and if have any issues or ideas to implement on it please feel free to drop me a email to kv.android.app@gmail.com , that indeed I'll answer and if possible implement or fix it as soon as possible.