Epic Truck

Epic Truck 1.58

Epic Truck

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 15:04:02
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Now includes SNOWY PEAK! With great physics, awesome shocks and crazy impacts, Epic Truck features off-road action at scenic and dangerous locations including Desert Ridge and the newest location Snowy Peak.

•GAS- touch right side for gas, down for speed
•BRAKE- touch left side for brake
•REVERSE- hold brake to back up
•TILT- Tilting the screen Left/Right makes the truck lean Forward/Back. Tilt works in the air and affects grip
•RESET-Reset if you flip or drive into an abyss.

This full version of the game includes the new location SNOWY PEAK. Try Epic Truck Lite first to try the game out and make sure it runs on your device! Have fun!