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Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 04:51:33
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Exfoliate automates the removal of old, forgotten, content from Facebook(tm). Old content on social networking sites is a threat to your privacy. Removing this old content by hand is tedious, and practically impossible. On your wall, Exfoliate can remove any post, comment, or like, whether made by you or by others, older than a time you specify. Exfoliate can remove your own posts, comments, and likes, from your friends' walls too. You can choose the age of items you wish removed, and Exfoliate will remove any items that are at least as old as your selection from any of your selected content areas. It is important, though, to understand that Exfoliate truly deletes the content. It is not backed up and it is not recoverable – well, that's kinda the point.

Exfoliate is easy to use. Here are the three simple steps:
1. Set your preferences. Indicate the age of the items you wish removed, from where (your wall and/or friends' walls) you want the items removed, and the type(s) of items you want removed (posts, comments, likes).
2. Login to your Facebook account using Exfoliate.
3. Start the automatic cleaning process.

Exfoliate uses web transactions to access and remove your unwanted content. To do this, Exfoliate requires that you log into your Facebook account from within Exfoliate. This login is not accessible to any other application on your device nor is it used for any purpose other than to delete the content matching your chosen preferences. Exfoliate communicates directly from your device to Facebook. Neither the makers of Exfoliate nor any third-party are ever presented with any of your data. On your device, Exfoliate saves only the minimum amount of data necessary to perform its functions and complete the process. With a single button, you can purge all of the saved data. Exfoliate, in short, completely respects your privacy. After all, privacy is Exfoliate's prime directive.

Exfoliate will find and delete all the items matching your selections. Behind the scenes, this requires a large volume of web service transactions. To put it bluntly, Exfoliate is a network and battery hog, and there's simply no way around this. To manage the impact, you can stop Exfoliate at any time, and restart Exfoliate later. Exfoliate, when restarted, will resume where it left off. Ideally, run Exfoliate when your device is plugged in. Also, Exfoliate may perform much faster on a WiFi network, so you may want to run it at home, through your WiFi, while you are asleep. If you have chosen to disallow background data transfers on your Android device, Exfoliate will not be able to function as designed. You can authorize Exfoliate to do its work despite this setting by enabling the “Allow Background” setting in Exfoliate advanced settings.

Exfoliate will likely take many hours, or longer, to complete its work. This can be especially true if you are fresh out of college, facing the job market with four years of forgotten social networking data scattered across hundreds of friends' walls. To make this long process more manageable, you can start and stop Exfoliate at any time. The next time you start it, it will resume where it left off unless you optionally delete all clean-up data. You may choose to limit what content you ask Exfoliate to delete so you can get more immediate results. For example, if you choose to clean only your wall, Exfoliate can complete its work fairly quickly. Cleaning your posts, comments, and likes off of your friends' walls is what takes the largest share of the time. By default, Exfoliate does this after completing the process on your own wall.

Facebook(tm) is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Exfoliate and its makers are in no way affiliated with Facebook, Inc.