Extra Mile -Mileage Tracker

Extra Mile -Mileage Tracker 1.0

Extra Mile -Mileage Tracker

Author:Gamma Point
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 11:03:38
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Extra Mile - Car Dashboard with Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker motivating you to drive less and drive responsibly.

Use ExtraMile to
1. track fuel expenses, distance travelled, and current speed.
2. generate mileage log for personal or business usage.
3. share trip details via Facebook, Twitter or Email
4. generate reports in csv or html format and send them via email
or save them in your Dropbox account.
5. Easily backup and restore the complete ExtraMile app database.

ExtraMile is the most convenient and easy to use app to track your trip details. With just one tap one is able to start tracking mileage. If you ever forget to launch the app for mileage tracking, you can always manually add your trip details.

* Compatible with Pioneer Electronics AppRadio2