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Updated:2015-08-08 18:39:02
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FahrInfo Stuttgart is a mobile timetable information service including a ticket shop for the public regional transport in the transport consortium of Stuttgart abbreviated VVS. No matter if by bus, tram, suburban train (S-Bahn) or regional train: FahrInfo finds the best connection for you from point A to point B and takes you, thanks to Google Maps integration, from door to door!

For the routes of SSB as much as for the suburban trains (S-Bahn) of Deutsche Bahn it provides a real-time information service.

- information on connecting service
- purchase of VVS mobile ticket
- display of departures
- public transport network maps
- displaying stations nearby
- information on current and upcoming disturbances and changes in service

Necessary authorization:
- Your location: Hence FahrInfo can identify your current location, navigate you from A to B and find stations nearby.
- Your personal information: FahrInfo can navigate you directly from or to the address of your phone contacts. This contact data is of course highly confidential and will maintain only on your smartphone.
- Network communication: FahrInfo communicates with the server of the timetable information in order to provide real time travel information. Additionally internet is needed for the purchase of your ticket.
- Storage: FahrInfo saves among others network transport maps (PDF) and graphical elements on your smartphone. At the first start of the app these will be downloaded once.