Fake Thermography

Fake Thermography 1.5

Fake Thermography

Author:cadenza lab
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 03:41:04
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This is a camera application program with a lot of filters!

thermography, binarization, dither, edge detection, emboss, grayscale, infrared camera, mirror, mosaic, part color detection, posterization, sepia, symmetry ...

version 1.5 : 08/12/2011
- Fileter selection UI changed.
- Trouble on Android 3.0 was corrected.
- new effect 'Negative film', 'Colorful', 'Swap RGB', 'Monochrome(High contrast)', 'Normal(High contrast)' added

version 1.4 : 08/11/2011
- The operation of the automatic focus is changed.
- Setting of 'Preview size' added
- Setting of 'Scaling of photograph' added
- Trouble on Android 3.0 was corrected.

version 1.3 : 08/08/2011
new effect 'Posterization', 'Mosaic', 'Mirror', 'Symmetry', 'Emboss', 'Dither', 'Binarization', 'Edge detection' added.