Family Guy™ Time Warped

Family Guy™ Time Warped 1.1.0

Family Guy™ Time Warped

Author:Glu Mobile
Platform:Android 2.3 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 18:50:52
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Brian and Stewie are back in Family Guy 2!

A plan gone wrong sends Stewie and Brian hurtling back through time! Avoid bands of thugs as you pursue Peter through modern-day Quahog! Rescue Rupert from gangs of cowboys led by an evil 1850’s Lois while being pursued by the Time Police - sentinels charged with protecting history from bungling time travelers. Liquidate your foes with bats, shotguns, and ipecac! Uranium rods collected along the way endow you with new abilities and power your way back to Quahog!

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