FeedsAPI RSS News Reader ★★★★★

FeedsAPI RSS News Reader ★★★★★ 1.0.0

FeedsAPI RSS News Reader ★★★★★

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 13:41:31
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FeedsAPI RSS Reader is a Full text RSS reader that makes it incredibly easy to read full text content from any news source on the go and save the stories in pdf Format with one click or store them on an instapaper account in the cloud, you can sync all your google reader feeds with FeedsAPI with one click and import as well as export OPML files in seconds.

Navigating through articles with this app is a pleasure, swyping, S Pen (for Samsunbg users) scrolling and swiping as well as 1 click navigation are all supported