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Filthy Phrasebook Thai

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Updated:2013-03-04 22:41:53
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For the world traveler who is looking for something more...

The slang phrasebook for all your language translation needs.

The night is mostly a blur but you know you’re in Soi Cowboy and you think you know how to get back to your hotel. The bar is jam packed and you’re belligerently moving through the crowd to get to some fresh air.

As you push through across the dance floor, the girl you were too intimidated to talk to earlier while sober, squeezes right by you brushing her entire body against you as she slides past.
She puts her hand on your chest to keep a little space while she moves by, “sawasdee kha” she says.

“Uh… wait… hold on…” you’re at a loss for words and you don’t even know what she just said. You fumble in your pocket for a second and out comes your phone.
You press the hot pink F icon on your screen. The chase is on.

It’s time to get Filthy!!

Over 1000 Phrases
Slang, Curse, Swear, Bad Words and Insults, Dirty Sex Terms, Pick-up lines
SMS Integration: You can text the phrases!
Email Integration: You can email the phrases!
Twitter Integration

NOTE: No audio translation at this time.

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