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Updated:2015-08-08 19:33:49
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Finance is an application that allows you to track your income and expenditure. It works in a similar manner to Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken.

The goal of Finance is to enable quick and easy transaction entry with clear screens and, hopefully, intuitive options.

We strongly recommend that you read more about Finance in the user manual here Whilst we've tried to make this a 'simple' application, it is a full-featured finance application that requires a basic understanding of the financial terms used.


The free version is AD SUPPORTED and has the following functionality:

- Manage Accounts
- Manage Payees
- Manage Categories
- Manage Transactions
- Search Transactions
- Scheduled Transactions (*limited to 5*)
- Charts with dynamic effects
- Email facility for charts so that they can be printed from the PC browser.
- Enhanced layout for tablet devices.
- AUTO-FILL when entering transactions.
- Backup your Finance Data to Google Drive secure cloud storage

Auto-fill populates your transaction with the details of a similar transaction, thus leaving you to enter just the date and amount.

It works by looking at your transaction history and will get better as you enter more transactions. By default, auto-fill works with payees, but can also work with categories or accounts!


Google Drive backup may not work for all devices. You may need to install Google Play services so that your account can be authenticated with Google. Please email us with any problems.


There is also a paid version that has the following additional features:

+ Account reconciliation
+ More charting options
+ QIF import
+ Quick entry transaction widget for the Home Screen.
+ No adverts
+ No limits for scheduled transactions



The charts are HTML based and used Scalable Vector Graphics. This is natively supported in OS3+ OS2.x users need to use an external browser to see the charts. We recommend Opera Mobile which can be downloaded for free from the market here

Note also that OS2.x users will need a network connection to download the required Javascript libraries.



GET ACCOUNTS permission so that it can prompt with accounts names when using Google Drive.
NETWORK permission so that it can source advert data.



We can't fix problems or implement features if you only leave a review comment. Please email us with the details and we will respond promptly. In most cases, we can fix problems very quickly, so it's worth sending an email.