Fishbowl Photo Gallery (Donut)

Fishbowl Photo Gallery (Donut) 0.1.9d

Fishbowl Photo Gallery (Donut)

Platform:Android 1.6 - 2.0.1
Updated:2013-03-07 23:22:00
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A Donut-only version of Fishbowl Gallery made available specifically for our fans using Android-Donut as a courtesy. New features & fixes e.g. video support, are available only on newer Android versions Enclair and above.


Very fast, high quality image gallery & slideshow app that allows you to easily browse, compare, organize, hide, randomize, rotate, crop and resize thousands of your pictures with a simple interface on your phones and Tablets. Photo sharing is optimized to help you save bandwidth cost. Try it and tell us how we can make this app even better for you!

Now with up to 700% the speed, half the battery usage, more photo organization, edit, and personalized options! Requires SD Card or USB Storage.

Features (Donut only)
• Compare images full screen side by side
• Multi-photo Slideshow
• Save $ with bandwidth optimized sharing
• Shuffle / Randomize photos
• Organize photos (move, delete, hide, sort, create folders)
• Edit photos (rotate, resize, crop, 3 output quality settings)
• Crop photos & wallpaper with Face Detection
• 18 personalized options
• Flip through photos & folders
• High quality thumbnails & images
• Navigate 100+ photos on larger screens
• Instant Text Search & Seek bar for 100+ folders
• Pick your own Album Covers
• Choose your start-up Album
• High Res Wallpaper + Cropping
• Image details with geo data
• Sailfish boosts speed by up to 700%
• Battery Saver cuts power use by 50%
• No touch image rotate
• Image, sharing, edit, wallpaper quality settings
• Smart zoom, rotate, pan
• Share via Email, IM, Facebook, Picasa, Bluetooth and more*
• Gesture sensitivity options
• Pet fish gets smarter with updates