Flight display

Flight display 1.4

Flight display

Author:Oliver White
Platform:Android 2.0 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 17:38:29
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Displays GPS and orientation data, in a manner similar to an aircraft's displays.

* Speed, heading, and altitude from the GPS
* Pitch and roll from the acceleration sensor

Check regulatory requirements before even considering using this in an aircraft!

Note: the speed display on left-hand side shows groundspeed (in knots) and NOT airspeed!

Optimised for 800x480 screens, other sizes may look weird.

To use navigation functions (lower half of screen), set runway position and heading while near the threshold. Your position (in yellow) will then be shown relative to the runway (in white).

Drag to left or right on bottom half of screen to zoom the navigaton display.

Various "Plus" versions of this app are available which contain databases of airport locations for display on the map.

HUD, PFD, gliding, general aviation.