Frat Boy Greek (Alphabet)

Frat Boy Greek (Alphabet) 1.0

Frat Boy Greek (Alphabet)

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 22:26:27
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Frat Boy Greek is a Greek alphabet module for college and university rushees.

Going to college soon? Going to "rush"? Wanna join a frat? Well, then this app is for you. Any Rushee can download Frat Boy Greek for .99 and quickly and easily learn the ancient Greek alphabet. So, if you're joining a Greek society at a college or university, don't struggle through Rush week to learn the Greek alphabet! For less than a dollar, you can get the Frat Boy Greek alphabet app and make it a breeze!

The Frat Boy Greek (alphabet) App is a simple, yet, robust little app. The App contains:

- 24 uppercase letters of the Koine alphabet
- 25 lowercase letters of the Koine alphabet
- Audio for pronunciation of all Greek letters
- 50 vocabulary words via audio
- 24 audio explanations of each Greek letter and its English equivalent
- Directions Index for how to use the App

The Frat Boy Greek App is user-intuitive as learners simply scroll through the alphabet by touching the screen and initiating the audio files by pushing 1 of 3 buttons (Pronounce, Examples, English). This App will be useful for rushees and aniyone interested in learning the Greek alhpabet.