Frye's 3300 Nursing Bullets

Frye's 3300 Nursing Bullets 1.0.0

Frye's 3300 Nursing Bullets

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 02:16:30
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With over 300 new bullets, this thoroughly updated, compact, easy-to-carry review resource is an invaluable preparation tool for the NCLEX-RN®. This latest update is based on the 6th edition and it includes additional features and enhanced functionality.

It contains easy-to-read bulleted key points of essential information in all areas of nursing practice - maternal-neonatal, pediatric, medical-surgical, psychiatric-mental health, and important nursing fundamentals concepts. Bullets in all subject areas are presented in random order to prepare students for the random-order questions on the exam.

- Contains about 3300 nursing bullets in random order to help students to prepare for the exam.
- Includes new content on nursing management, which focuses on prioritizing care and delegation issues.
- Provides answers to questions not only on the upcoming NCLEX-RN®, but also on the NCLEX-PN®, Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS®) test, and any other nursing examination.
- Concentrated nursing facts, stated in one or two sentences that are free of unnecessary or obscure words.
- Students can study for the exam any time, any place, using their handheld devices.
Additionally, you'll get valuable added feature, available only from Skyscape:
- Built-in Medical Calculators: Provide instant access from within clinical topics to the Mean arterial pressure (MAP) and Drops per minute for an I.V. Infusion!