GOWEX FREE Wi-Fi 3.3.4


Updated:2015-08-08 17:40:12
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New features in this GOWEX WiFi Free 3.0.1:
- Integration of GOWEX WiFi networks in Belgium.
- Integration of GOWEX WiFi networks in Chile.
- Improved stability for the map.
- Application adaptability improvement for 7- 8 inches devices

New features in this GOWEX WiFi Free 3.0:

- Complete redesign of the application. Now it will be easier to find the nearest GOWEX Smart Zone, connect to it and surf the Internet 24 hours a day.

- New optimized 3D maps.

- Mailbox: Get the latest news from GOWEX, new networks to connect, promotions, etc..

- New channels: now you can read your favorite newspaper or share the latest cartoons with your kids.

- Improved connection button. When the button turns green you'd know you're near a GOWEX Smart Zone, and so you can connect to our network.

Enjoy limitless Internet access in all the GOWEX WiFi networks. Download GOWEX WiFi Free and connect automatically your Android phone to any GOWEX’s Smart Zones.
With GOWEX WiFi FREE App, you can:
- Surf on the Internet for free (24x7).
- Locate GOWEX’s Smart Zones and other WiFi spots all around the world. (Includes a WiFi Finder/ Free WiFi hotspots Finder).
- Connect automatically to any of GOWEX’s Smart Zones.

GOWEX WiFi FREE is compatible with any Android mobile device.

Choose between the available rates:
- WiFi FREE 24x7 (512 Kbps).
- WiFi PREMIUM with rates from 3€ and speed up to 6 Mbps.
Some reasons why you should download GOWEX WiFi FREE:
- To avoid being charged for using 3G connection.
- First you can register your username, you will only have to access to the application and press the green button with a “WiFi symbol” to start surfing automatically.
Once configured, the App will connect you to the nearest GOWEX WiFi hotspots automatically, if the automatic connection option is selected. With this option you can forget about logging in typing your user and password each time.
- You can use it to... talk to your friends via Skype, to update your Facebook, Tuenti or Twitter profile, to play online, watch TV, download files... all without interruptions and at a high-speed.

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