GPS Distance Location Tracker

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GPS Distance Location Tracker

Updated:2015-08-08 19:33:53
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GPS location recorder is a lightweight, battery efficient GPS logger.
Saving and sharing a GPS location or a route has never been easier.

- Save GPS location (longitude/latitude coordinates)
- Save GPS route while you walk/run/cycle/drive etc.
- Get list of saved GPS locations and routes.
- See your route on a map in the app.
- Send saved GPS locations and routes in email (either as plain text or in KML-format).
- Share your saved location on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc. (depending of which social apps are installed on your phone).
- Show your saved location or your route in Google Maps or Google Earth (by importing generated KML-file from email).
- Shows your speed as you moves, works as a speedometer (select between km/h and Mph).
- Get map of current location if your phone are connected to internet. (Map may also show when not connected to internet if map is cached earlier on phone. Caching is done automatically)
- Text in english or norwegian.

Works fine without internet connection. Also map may be shown without internet connection (depending if map tile in already download on sd-card, this is done automatically).

PS! If your GPS signal is poor, the distance in a recorded GPS track may be inaccurate.
The better GPS signal you have, the more accurate distance you get when recording a GPS track.

Example of use of GPS Location Recorder:
- As a gps tracker that tracks all your distance-based activity using the GPS in your Android phone.
- As a sports tracker when walking, running, cycling, skiing etc.
- As a training log for all your outdoor distance-based activity.
- As a ski tracker and snowboard tracker to keep track of your ski and snowboard runs
- As a way of locating a secret spot you find (blueberries spot, metal detector spot. fishing spot).
- Simply as a GPS speedometer while you drive, sit on the bus, train etc.
- As a way to measure distance between two points.

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