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GPS Sidekick

Updated:2015-08-08 17:35:56
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How many satellites are in view ? Are you getting a good signal? Do you get tired waiting for the GPS location to be available? With this tool you can check out the GPS satellites and the signal strength in a simple 1x1 widget.

Operation:- Tap the widget to start it. It will run for the duration you set in the app and stop automatically. This is a battery saving measure. If you want to stop before it auto stops just tap it again.

1.The app has been totally reworked upon to get a minimal design and it is now a pure Android >= 4.0 application. The bigger widget and other graphics has been removed since they are not suiting the minimal design.
2. After installation if you cant see the widget in the list of widgets just change the orientation of the device while the list of widgets is opened. This will refresh the widgets list.

You can use my other app Battery widget alongside this widget. They have been designed as a matched pair for the homescreen.

Permissions. The app requires internet permissions for showing the Google ads.

Email any feedback to me.