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GPSPleinAir Tracking

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Updated:2015-08-08 18:45:47
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GPSPleinAir is a real-time GPS Tracking application. Really simply to use.
Share your real-time location on the web site with your friends and your family.
Share your recorded tracks and journeys.

Usefull when you travel in group or to arrange a meeting!

On the phone:
- Displays speed, mileage, altitude. Displays speed on mirror mode to reflect on the wind-shield.
- Displays track on the map.
- Plots and tracks another mobile on the map (real-time).
- Maps from Google or OpenStreetMap.
- Remote activation by SMS.
When GSM network is not available, data are stored in the phone memory to be send automatically when cell coverage is back.

On the web site:
- Stores positions & events, plots trajectories and journeys on the map.
- Events management: input/output of zones, speeding, idle and break detection, etc.
- Complete set of activity reports.