Galaxy Tuner

Galaxy Tuner 2.3

Galaxy Tuner

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 15:41:15
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This application is made for enhancing or changing some feature for galaxy S

1. machine
galaxy (all variant)
2. version
Froyo (kernel
3. rooted phone*
(*After checking "use with unrooted" option, you can remove rooting)

1. IO scheduler changeger
- CFQ <-> deadline
2. LCD color adjustment.
- This can be helpful to adjust so blue or yellow LCD.
3. Sound (3D, Hardware Equalizer)
- It affect all system sound (music, video, radio..)
- When you are hearing the music, As soon as changing the parameter, you hear different sound.
4. Memory Manager
- Because It is controlled by kernel and android framework, It is more powerfull and efficient.
5. Over Clock (1.2Ghz)
6. Firmware(kernel) writing
7. use with unrooted state
8. Bad block check for ext file system
9. Key(Button) remapping
10. touch gesture
11. Orientation Fix (Landscape mode)