Garage Sale Rover

Garage Sale Rover 2.9

Garage Sale Rover

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 18:40:44
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Gasoline is sky high! Optimize your garage sale route with Garage Sale Rover.

Quickly view garage sales from Craigslist and other sources on a map. And navigate with GPS voice operated turn-by-turn directions. Make your time garage sale hunting productive and fun.

■ Search for garage sales of interest (childrens clothes, tools, dvds, etc.)

■ Save your favorite sales for route planning.

■ Optimize the route of your saved sales. Plans the shortest driving route for you.

■ Navigate with GPS voice guided turn-by turn directions.

■ Get the largest mapped garage sale database anywhere!

The $3.99 price is a one time fee. No recurring charges.

For more information and to see our DEMO VIDEO visit our website:

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