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Gett (GetTaxi) - The Taxi App

Updated:2015-08-08 17:50:50
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The best taxi app for London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem – COMING SOON TO MANHATTAN and the entire NEW YORK CITY area!

GetTaxi - winner of TIMEOUT magazine’s best app of the year!

GetTaxi – order a cab instantly, track your taxi and pay by credit card, all FREE! Booking a taxi has never been easier! Get a taxi immediately or order a future ride.

Make it Simple and Super-Fast:

With the GetTaxi mobile app you can get a taxi with the stroke of a finger! No phone calls necessary – ordering a cab is instant. Get it done in less than 30 seconds.

Be in Control and Be Safe:

Track your taxi approaching on the map in real time. Now that you have Superman’s X-Ray Vision, you can kick back and relax until your taxi pulls up. Getting a cab has never been so safe and secure.

Pay by CREDIT CARD, cash or charge a business account:
No more worries about having enough money in your wallet. Pay for your taxis by credit card, cash or charge the business. NO hidden charges or costs, the service is all FREE!

Airport taxis:

GetTaxi is also perfect if you need a taxi ride to or from any airport in London, Moscow, Tel Aviv or New York, NY (coming soon). Our ground breaking Radar reveals all the Get Taxi cabs around you. With Get Taxi app it usually takes just 2 to 4 short minutes for a taxi to pick you up!

Get Taxi is FREE!!! Free to install and free to use.

We are global! Get the same great taxi service in numerous locations around the globe: London, Moscow, ST. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and coming soon to NYC and Manhattan!


GetTaxi has been featured in:

* Winner of TimeOut magazine – best app of the year.
* TechCrunch - “Get Taxi Launching in London. This Is Way Beyond Uber.”
* Wall Street Journal - GetTaxi and Hailo are rushing to New York.
* Bloomeberg TV, Forbes and Mashable - all recommend GetTaxi!


TAXI DRIVERS: if you use Hailo, myTaxi or you are with any other taxi circuit – no problem! You can add GetTaxi’s driver unit alongside for more jobs immediately! No smartphone needed! The first 1000 drivers to join will receive the GetTaxi driver unit for FREE!

Contact us today: Email: or just call: 0207 4282212 (London, UK)