GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool 2.15.3

GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool

Updated:2015-08-08 16:39:57
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Bluetooth SPP, TCP/IP and HTTP data acquisition / device communication

Universal data acquisition and device communication with Bluetooth SPP, TCP and camera scanners.

GetBlue communicates with serial Bluetooth devices (Serial Port Profile like SPP/RFCOMM barcode readers), TCP/IP devices and camera scanners. Captured data is displayed, saved (File, Google Docs), forwarded (HTTP, TCP) or injected as virtual keystrokes into Apps (GetBlue virtual keyboard).

DETAILS: GetBlue provides bi-directional data collection services for your Android handset. It connects to adjustable data-sources:
- Bluetooth SPP devices
- TCP/IP Socket
- and camera scanners.

GetBlue reads and writes device data. Captured data is sent to an adjustable data-sink:
- Display log
- Save to a file on your SD card
- Forward to a HTTP URL
- Forward to a TCP socket/port
- Online spreadsheet using Google Docs Text & Tables
- Inject data into other Apps via the GetBlue soft-keyboard.

All Bluetooth devices supporting the Serial Port Profile (SPP, RFCOMM) can be used. Data to be written to a device can be entered manually (ASCII or HEX).

FREE SUPPORT: In case of problems, questions or feature requests please contact (E-Mail/MSN).

KNOWN PROBLEMS: Some Android handsets are using buggy Bluetooth firmware and SPP communication may not work reliable (you will see SPP errors). The following procedure may help:
- Switch of Bluetooth and stop all related apps
- Reboot handset
- Switch Bluetooth on
- Re-pair with your device
- Use GetBlue

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DEMO VERSION: A free demo with slight limitations is available in the Android Market. All features are identical. Just search for Apps published by TEC-IT.