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GetRIL Premium

Updated:2015-08-08 19:31:32
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** GetRIL Premium ** is a paid version of GetRIL. Both versions are fully functional. The Premium version however will always feature the latest changes to the app. There's also a lot of optimization and bug fixes behind the scene included.

Use this version to fully utilize GetRIL and to show me your appreciation of my [never-ending] efforts and support.

GetRIL shows the device's current RIL (Radio Interface Layer) and baseband, notifying you if they match or not. If not - and you're on a rooted device - you'll be able to download and install a new matching RIL.

* See the device's current RIL & baseband
* Recommends RIL based on the device's baseband version
* Recommends a baseband based on the device's RIL version
* Backup & restoration of the RIL
* Downloading and installation of a new matching RIL
* RIL reporting: your device got an 'Unknown RIL'? Email it to me directly from within the app and I'll try to sort things out
* Localized to: English, Danish, German, Dutch, French, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Greek

* LG Optimus 2X (+ G2X), LG Optimus 3D (+ Thrill 4G), LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus 4X, LG Nitro HD
* HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC One X, HTC One V, HTC One S
* Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro), Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3
* Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7
NOTE: some of these devices has preliminary support, meaning that these devices needs more, confirmed, data.

If you accidentally install a faulty RIL you can safely restore a backup of your previous RIL, which is automatically backed up.

There's also the ability to keep the current RIL after a ROM flash. This feature only work on CyanogenMod based ROMs.

I'll try to keep the app up-to-date when new RILs and basebands get released. Have any information to share with me? Please send me an e-mail.

Need help? Don't hesitate to contact me, but first off - go see the help section within the app.

DISCLAIMER: I don't take liability for any damage your phone might sustain, while/after using this app.

NOTE: if you're recieving "unsupported device" messages it's not on me to blame. I'm sad to see all the negative feedback and ratings I've been getting recently because of this.
The main issue if you're on a supported device, but recieves this message is because either your carrier or ROM developer have changed some values within a file (build.prop). With this release of GetRIL I've made some changes so that I can add your devices as "supported" devices either way... with one caveat: I'll have to do this manually.

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