Glee: Music Guess!

Glee: Music Guess! 1.1

Glee: Music Guess!

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 20:20:03
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Guess Glee Music! And find out who is a truly music lover or gleek! Try it now!

Guess Glee Music!
This game has 5 categories. In each category, a song is playing by only 9 seconds, and during this time you have to guess the answer, according to the category.
You can set your High Score in the World Leaderboard of Openfeint. Also there are achievements to unlock and win openfeint points.

1. What's this song's name?
2. Who performs this song?
3. What chapter is this song performed? (Season 1)
4. What chapter is this song performed? (Season 2)
5. Who artists perform this song's original version?

As soon as you find out the answer, you have the chance to win more points! Try it now!

This game is integrated with Facebook, so now you can publish your score on Facebook and share some fun with your friends! :D

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