Glimmr Pro, for Flickr

Glimmr Pro, for Flickr 2.23

Glimmr Pro, for Flickr

Author:Paul Bourke
Updated:2015-08-08 19:20:10
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A new, fast, modern and fun Flickr app for Android phones and tablets.

"Makes Browsing Flickr on Your Phone Fun Again" -

* Swipe through you and your contacts photos with ease.
* Group support.
* Widget for Android 3.0 and up.
* Rich notifications for activity on your photos.
* Comment on photos and view detailed exif info.
* No Ads.

★ The Pro/Donate version will receive new features faster, and help support me to bring you the best Flickr app possible.

In the pro version:
★ Set images as wallpaper.
★ Option to use high quality thumbnails (nice on tablets and large screens)

** Translating Glimmr is easy! Email me if you would like it in your language.

Disclaimer: Glimmr is in no way affiliated with Yahoo or Flickr.