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Mai Nishida MaiSweetie GK 1

Mai Nishida MaiSweetie GK

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 13:53:48
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♪ G to H the absolute queen of gravure world appeared Tsu, Tawawa further growth in Chiang Mai. Doubled in the 色Ppo is 21 years old.

From innocent school idol, the idol of your favorite smartphone to hog system idle girl! Please find only your favorite idol.
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★ Content
Title: Mai Nishida MaiSweetie - GravureKingdom-
Model: Mai Nishida
Number of images: 50 sheets
Production management: NEC BIGLOBE · Kyapuchudo
In addition to viewing a photo slideshow features! All images can be saved!