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HHZ Paint 1.30

HHZ Paint

Author:HHZ Soft
Updated:2015-08-08 15:41:25
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- Drawing tool selection problem in some sensitive device was fixed. //12.08.26. V1.20

Poor functional android paint tool had disappointed you?
Do you want and hope like WINDOWS PAINT (MSPAINT) program?

HHZPaint is a program that has a similar WINDOWS Paint (MSPAINT) program 's user interface.
Also has a various and convenient function.

You can drawing image and editing picture file.

- Pencil, Line, Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse, Round rectangle
- Airbrush, Text, Pick color, Eraser, Fill with color, Select tool
- Image Copy, Cut, Paste
- Undo, Redo
- Various all Color Picker
- Line Thickness, fill method
- Load, Save
- User define color selector
- .JPG, .PNG support
- Fast performance and occupy small resource
- ... and several convenient function

CAUTION> This version only for WVGA(480*800) WSVGA(480x854) screen size.
Other size screen size may not work correctly. It will support next version.