HKIME 中文輸入法

HKIME 中文輸入法 1.4.3

HKIME 中文輸入法

Author:Sing Leung
Updated:2015-08-08 19:31:58
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中文輸入法 - 支援速成, 倉頡, 廣東話拼音, 筆劃

Supported Chinese Input methods(IME):
Quick, Cangjie, Canton pinyin , Stroke

**This app does NOT open**
**Go to Language & Keybaord settings to enable it**
**Check out the setting page for first time use**
**Long press the right buttom function key for Settings**

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- Theme Support
- GingerBread (Full version)
- Jelly Bean (Full version)

- Gesture detection
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