Hauraki Amped

Hauraki Amped 1.5.1

Hauraki Amped

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 20:13:56
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Get Hauraki’s app and listen live to the latest and greatest rock music and Hauraki shows wherever you are.

Read the latest Rock News, download Hauraki Podcasts, check out our hottest photo galleries and submit your own pics right from your phone.

There’s heaps more in the app, including:

- Listen Live audio stream
- Rock news photos and stories
- Last 5 songs
- Podcasts
- Photo Galleries
- Follow Hauraki online
- Listen to the latest News, Weather and Traffic bulletins on demand
- Watch Hauraki videos
- Get in touch with Hauraki by phone, text or email straight from the app
- Enter our photo comps from your phone

This app supports “play in background” functionality, and requires a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to update content and stream audio.