ICQ Slide A Lama Deluxe

ICQ Slide A Lama Deluxe 1.0.1

ICQ Slide A Lama Deluxe

Author:Mliven s.r.o.
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 19:30:40
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ICQ SlideALamaDeluxe with 3 games in 1:Classic, Poker, Link 4 – ALL FOR ONE PRICE!

The Classic game is well known – slide, drop and create fruit sets to win.Link 4 is a two-player board game, where you and your opponent drop stones into a grid and you have to link four stones of your color.Slide-A-Lama Poker is based on the original Texas Hold’em Poker.

Ver 1.0.1 - repaired graphics problems