Injectable Medicines

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Injectable Medicines

Author:Epic Mobile
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 20:53:37
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Injecting medicines is a high-risk area of clinical practice and one that information staff receive many requests for help with, especially from nurses. This app will teach you about medicines that can be safely injected together.

The app is suitable for all healthcare staff, in particular:

• nurses who administer injections
• nurses in training
• ward-based pharmacists in training.

Learn to make yourself safer and learn about injection compatibility.

The app takes about 40 minutes to complete. Along the way you’ll meet Nurse Taylor and some of her colleagues and patients. These characters feature in informative animations and scenarios, along with practise questions throughout the app.

PLEASE NOTE: you will need approximately 52 Mb for the App and and 11Mb for Adobe Air to be installed in your device in order to use the Flash animations and video content in this App. You will automatically be prompted to install Adobe Air if not already on your device.

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