Invaders++ Full

Invaders++ Full 1.367

Invaders++ Full

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 19:15:13
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Full version of Invaders++ without the ads.

Invaders++ is like space invaders on steroids. Interesting new aliens that will test your metal. Can you beat the alien that sucks your ship up into its belly? Try this game if you dare. Invaders also includes classic mode where you can play with the old style of Invaders.

Tap your finger on your touchscreen to where you want your ship to go and to fire.

If you are using Google TV then use the DPAD on your controller to move. You can use the following keys on your controller:

CENTER key to fire
DPAD left and right to move
'F' key in ++ mode to launch gained missile
'P' key to pause
'H' key for help

To play the free version with ads check out

Note on older Android devices this game can be a little slow though is still playable.