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Updated:2015-08-08 19:23:22
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With “Japanese-Chinese Translator”, just by entering your text once, you can search multiple translation websites. For example, even when Google’s translation results don’t make sense, you can switch between tabs to see the results from Excite’s translator as well as So-net’s translator.

Online translation sites are useful, but the quality is not yet to be satisfactory and a lot of times you cannot get the results that actually make sense. However, if you compare the results of different translation sites, you will be able to grasp the meanings. Searching different translation sites could be tiring, but if you install “Japanese-Chinese Translator” app, you don't have to be bothered anymore. Just by switching tabs, you can easily view and compare results from Google, Excite, So-net, Fresheye, Dictionary.com and Babylon translation sites.

When you would like to look something up in a dictionary you can easily search the Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese dictionaries included in the Naver Dictionary.

You can translate from Japanese into Chinese as well as from Chinese into Japanese. Use “Japanese-Chinese Translator” for studying, work or even to communication with your friends overseas!

* We offer “Japanese-English Translator” and “Japanese-Korean Translator” as well.